Arkiv Vilmansa

“Luminous Landscape” is the development of ideas and exploration of inspired by Arkiv Vilmansa’s passion for architectural landscape, the vibrant colors of animated characters, and his religious endeavor. This new series is inspired by the pilgrimage of Prophet Muhammad SAW and his companions, a journey undertaken for a religious purpose, to free the Self from sin and to move towards virtue. Topographic images recreated with fluid lines course through the canvas with intent and harmony. With color rhythm and tonal transition he reveals the intensity of light from dark to bright and, by eliminating details, his paintings become seemingly luminous. Arkiv’s own pilgrimage journey brings him to a new chapter remapping his existence in relation to the law of the creator.

Born and raised in Indonesia, Vilmansa graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture which some say may be the source of the fine lines and fluidity in his work. He has since exhibited in galleries around the world and has been showcased in the Venice Biennale and other art fairs. He is currently collaborating with IKEA.