Ronald Ventura

Ronald Ventura’s ongoing exhibition Shadow Forest: Encounters and Explorations at the Metropolitan Museum of Manila goes offsite at Art Fair Philippines 2017 with imaginative and transcendental journeys and flights.

The main installation at Art Fair Philippines is “Waves,” a large boat sculpture made of fiberglass, wood and metal, illuminated by projections inside the dark room that can be viewed from a glass window. This artwork, whose imagery is reminiscent of the Philippine pre-colonial artifact, the Manunggul Jar, alludes to the competing forces at play in contemporary life, the push and pulls in migration, and the struggles that relocation bring forth amid the bigger challenge to survive and keep afloat.

A sample of Ventura’s new works including images viewed through a lightbox and new digital prints will also be featured in the special setting at Art Fair Philippines.

The exhibition of Ronald Ventura’s collection of over 100 new and iconic works using different media in fiberglass, steel, resin, glass and paper, is currently on view at the Metropolitan Museum of Manila at the BSP Complex, Roxas Boulevard, Manila until March 3, 2017.