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Mar 2022

10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
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Amphitheater at Ayala Triangle Gardens  


Don’t Hate The Player


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Inspired by the phrase ‘Don’t hate the player, hate the game’, this collection examines the ways in which digital artists turn to gaming to examine our relationships with power, beauty and reality. Blurring definitions of high and low, digital artists are increasingly creating games as art and vice versa. For many artists, this genre-bending approach allows dark and complex issues (such as greed and inequality) to be explored in a space free of real-world consequences, raising moral questions about our responsibility to future generations. For others, the gaming industry’s technological advancements open up a whole new world of aesthetic expression, enabling them to transcend reality and revel in the sheer pleasure of pixelated environments.


Jeremy Couillard

1. Prelude

2017, HD video, mp4, 00:03:00

An original Daata commission

Titles and digitally altered music from Bach’s Cello Suite No. 2 in D minor BWV 1008 form the backdrop for this environment where a rat duck man named Uncle Sad Bedroom travels through fantastical video game versions of different moons in our solar system trying to find his place.



Dream Time Life Simulation

2021, HD video, NFT, 00:04:19

An original Daata commission

Dream Time Life Simulation explores emancipatory imagined technologies, structures and worlds that could exist in the metaverse. Following Keiken’s recent works, Viral Energy and Battle of Reality, Dream Time Life Simulation is the third episode that follows a protagonist called ME. In Dream Time Life Simulation, ME activates ALL, a decentralised reflection technology that allows you to subvert your reality. In this new reality ME’s avatars are MA and MX. Using MA’s metathinking they decide to create a technology called Dream Time Life Simulation that allows them to portal into their memories and dreams. Here they explore their multiple consciousness, ancestral wisdom and diasporic memories and dreams of their motherland, Veracruz, Mexico.


Maria Mahfooz

30 q’s with Maria Mahfooz

2019, Video with sound, 00:02:48

An original Daata commission

Maria Mahfooz 2019 film 30 Questions with Maria Mahfooz is a parody of Vogues’ ’73 questions with…’ series in which the magazine interviews celebrities as they walk around their house. In Mahfooz’s version the artist created a surrogate digital representation of herself situated on the physical streets of Manor Park in London, an act of reframing and restaging tropes as a signifier of her dislocation of identity in a loss of what constitutes as her selfhood. Superficial questions being asked of the artist subtly shift to inquiries regarding racial abuse and embedded prejudice, as well as echoing the duality of her cultural background.


Elliott Dodd

The Race (Sunlit Uplands)

2019, HD video, mp4, ​00:03:09

An original Daata commission

A brief meditation on a journey. revolving toward a fictitious, undecipherable future.

A disorientated empty void, obscured by damp, turgid flesh and a will to regain control. The uplands are sunny, and we’re headed toward them.


Takeshi Murata


2015, HD video, mp4, 00:00:33

An original Daata commission

Murata’s 6 videos are 3D animated vignettes of an old man in a white suit aggressively “making it rain”, A silently cynical Popeye and a witch character–a hybrid of a Kabuki theatre villain and a generic Disney witch–gesturing its fingers as if scheming and cupping its ear listening suspiciously. Each are short and a gestural vignette of various combined TV, film and fairy tale archetypes. The sound is by Robert Beatty.


Letta Shtoryn

Algorithmic Oracle (3)

HD video, mp4, 00:04:08 

An original Daata commission

Algorithmic Oracle attempts to grasp multiple realities at the same time. Letting a simulation game algorithm decide according to its own standards how a real-life event could have unfolded. One of the scenarios was witnessed IRL. SIMS3 is used here as a way to employ a “higher” algorithmic power to find out possible “what-if” scenarios of the experienced event. 

All the players in the video are crafted to fit their real characteristics and looks. The game starts every scenario with a single directed action, controlled by the player. After the action is completed the game runs scenarios based on its own probability algorithm without interference resulting in a multitude of outcomes.


Jacky Connolly


2017, HD video, mp4, 00:03:00

An original Daata commission

In Anhedonia (2017), a machinima film with six chapters, Jacky Connolly turns her filmmaking practice towards a mysterious group home in the virtual American South. Several avatars live in three small buildings near the town’s railroad yard, where their lives are punctuated by hours spent in front of a screen. 

Images from elsewhere begin to intrude with mounting intensity, as the boundaries of the film are fractured by the characters’ visual and auditory hallucinations. These moments of psychosis give insight into the characters’ shared histories, as well as the dissociative atmosphere of their cultural landscape.


Rachel Rossi

Recursive Truth

2019, HD video, mp4, 00:02:55

An original Daata x Phillips commission

Recursive Truth is a new video work based on generative AI research, using video game mods and deep fakes to explore loss, memory, and truth as a medium. Bugs created inside the work expose the fragility of memory and ultimately either destroy the video game or function only as visual gags

About the Artist

Founded in 2015 by David Gryn, Daata is the leading platform for digital artworks.

Daata commissions original, digital artworks by established and emerging artists, allowing viewers to stream or download high-quality digital artworks on any device.

Daata offers a simple way to build, curate and display a collection of high-quality digital artworks without the additional costs of space, storage and security.

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