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May 2021

02:00 PM - 04:00 PM



Emerging Forms, Spaces, and Ideas: Conversations with Cebuano Artists

With Russ Ligtas, Kolown, Ivy Marie Apa and Ronyel Compra
Moderated by Fr. Jason Dy, S.J.
In partnership with Ateneo Art Gallery

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Cebuano artists, Russ Ligtas, Kolown, Ivy Marie Apa, and Ronyel Compra will discuss their creative practices that expand their local geographical connection, explore unusual artistic forms, and engage relevant societal issues.

Moderated by Fr. Jason Dy, S.J.

Watch the event footage on Youtube.


Russ Ligtas

Russ Ligtas presents performance, installation, choreography, and film from a practice emanating from  a set of alter egos of which he uses as avatars to confront the vagaries of his immediate reality. From  the universal intimacy of personal struggle to the specificities of the spectrum of contexts he inhabits,  his multiple personalities express themselves, as presence, persona and myth, manifesting in a diversity  of platforms that unravel the nuances of e-democracy, gender politics, and post-colonial identity. 

His work and collaborations have been presented across the Philippines, the US, Europe, and Asia— most recently at the Yokohama Triennale 2020 last year. In 2017, he was awarded the AET  Koryograpiya Award for his movement practice based on Butoh and the pedestrian body. In the same  year, he received an Asian Cultural Council Grant to investigate performance forms in New York,  Thailand, and Indonesia. He has been granted residencies by the Academy of Everything is  Possible(Dublin), Tentacles Art Space (Bangkok), Pier 2(Kaohsiung), Cudamani Institute(Bali), and  Earth Island Insitute(USA) among others. He is currently a resident artist of the Casa San Miguel Center  for the Arts in San Antonio (in Zambales, Philippines) and is one of the artist-mentors of the  GlobalGrace Art in Residence program for LGBTQIA+ Artists in Laguna. 


They are a showbiz reporter.

Maybe an artist.

Failed street magician.

Ivy Marie Apa

Ivy Marie Apa is a practicing artist and academic. She worked as an illustrator for children’s literature of international publications before entering the academe. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and her master’s degree in Anthropology at the University of San Carlos, Cebu. She teaches art history and studio courses at the University of the Philippines Cebu. Ivy also teaches part-time in the Fine Arts program of the University of San Carlos. She is the former Chairperson of Regional Art Forum (RAF), a non-profit organization or network of visual artists, writers, community workers, and scholars that promote art reception and contemporary art practices in the regions.

Ronyel Compra

Ronyel Compra is a visual artist based in Cebu. He earned his BFA from the University of the Philippines Cebu. Compra creates his works mainly on various techniques within the production, the process involves different procedures that were mimicked from local crafts upon his observance of the practical trades of Nipa hut-weaving, boat-building and charcoal-making.

What interests him are memories, history, and experiences which he often integrates in his art practice and his interest on the stories and ephemerality of things and situations, through his immediate surroundings and interactions. He explores his themes into multimedia, I.e. video, sculptural-installations, performances and printmaking. 

Shortlisted for 2019 Ateneo Art Awards for his work exhibited at Fundacion Sanso. His current work includes a series of LUTA which translates to frottage or rubbing. These were created through transferring a precise image from an actual texture or object into a piece of cloth or paper. Like the rubbings practiced by the ancient Chinese printers to come-up an exact ratio of 1:1 scale. He collaborated with a group of artists and non creative individuals to create a body of works. From 2015 and 2017, He immersed and collaborated with the Talaandig tribe artists who are known for using soil as the main ingredient of their paintings. He Co-founded KLMTW (kalimutaw) who participated and represented the Philippines in Georgetown festival in Penang and the PTTTK in Jogjakarta Indonesia last 2016 and 2017.  During the concluded VIVA EXCON Capiz last November 2018, He, together with KLMTW, created a full scale rubbing of an old cemetery’s facade in Capiz. Employing the technique of rubbing with the use of local soil as main ingredient fusing parallel narratives into his own vocabulary.

Fr. Jason Dy, SJ.

Jason Dy, SJ (b. 1977, Philippines) is a Jesuit priest and Filipino contemporary artist who is currently lecturing at the Fine Arts Department of the Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City. He is a self-taught artist who developed his artistic interests by attending art workshops, art classes, art conferences and art exhibitions as well as integrating art into his studies in theology and his priestly work in pastoral ministry. In 2009, he founded the Alternative Contemporary Art Studio (ACAS) at the garage of Sacred Heart Parish, Cebu City in order to promote contemporary art. After being a parochial vicar at Sacred Heart Parish and holding his solo exhibition Testimony of What Remains at the Fernando Amorsolo Gallery, Cultural Center of the Philippines, he pursued his graduate studies in the arts, namely, MA by Creative Practice and MA in Art History and Curating at Liverpool Hope University, UK in 2013. Through his graduate studies, he is able to articulate his current creative practice that investigates “the community and studio-based responses to changing religious and cultural circumstances, locations and events” (LHU).

Some of his important art projects include In Loving Memory, a participatory art ritual of remembering the dead that started during the All Souls’ Day at the Sacred Heart Parish, Cebu City, PH in 2009 and was included in the contemporary Christian art exhibition Arte + Fe curated by Maria Tarruella at the Pons Fundacion, Madrid, Spain (2011); Barter, an art project that reacted to the 2016 Kidapawan Protest seeking rice subsidy from the government rather than the violent treatment of farmers as well as appropriating the traditional mode of exchange through the barter system to reflect on the various exchanges that is happening in Lucban, Quezon, PH, in collaboration with Barangay Piis, Lucban at the Project Space Pilipinas (2016); and Procesion de los Camareros in response of Japanese invasion in 8 December 2018 on the day of an important Marian procession in Intramuros during the Spanish colonial period was a commissioned art project of the first Manila Biennale Open City curated by Ringo Bunoan with the participation of the fifteen pedicab drivers from Barangay 655, Intramuros, Manila, PH (2017-2018). 

His latest curatorial project was Yellow Ambiguities at the Ateneo Art Gallery (August 2019-January 2020) together with the poet and art writer Carlomar Daoana. The co-curated exhibition explored the complexity of the color yellow in the Philippine context. Currently, since the lockdown in March 2020 because of the pandemic, Dy has been arranging flowers as part of the ongoing art project Arrange/Enliven. These floral arrangements are installed either at the studio of Jesuit Communications, Sonulox Building or at the Church of the Gesú, Ateneo de Manila, for the daily online masses. Photographs of these arrangements are posted on his Facebook page.

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