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May 2021

01:00 PM - 02:30 PM



What's Next for NFTs with Colin Goltra in Conversation with Nathaniel Parrott

Nathaniel Parrott and Colin Goltra

Event Finished

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Narra Gallery co-founder, Colin Goltra, sits down with one of the most prominent crypto artists in the space to discuss all things NFTs and some thoughts looking into its future.

Watch the event footage on Youtube.


Colin Galtra of Narra Gallery and Chris Fussner of Tropical Futures Institute.
Learn more about Colin and Chris from our Curators Page.

Nathaniel Parrott
Nathaniel Parrott is a Seattle-based NFT artist that has already taken great steps forward into the growing NFT market. He has stated that NFTs are less about looking at the art and more about owning it. Parrott believed for years that he could only make it as an artist if he worked in the games or film industry, which would hamstring his creativity. Now, thankfully with the power of NFTs, he is able to create artwork that inspires him, as well as allowing him to make a very decent living off of the back of it.

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