Retablo – Saint Michael

Mixed media on plywood, mounted on Balinese antique wood frame
67.5 x 47.5 cm (including frame)
My Retablos are a pilgrimage of faith in art. Each is a little shrine to Christ, the Blessed Mother and saints. Like photographs that call to mind loved ones, the Retablos encourage communication between us and the Divine that leads to an inward journey of peace and healing in the light of grace. My aim is to create for the viewer a place of peace in the chaos of our time. This past year, amid difficult times and the lockdown because of the pandemic, I wanted to uplift my spirits so I created a series of retablos. Each is an offering to the Lord for His mercy and blessings in my life. Retablos are devotional or votive paintings of holy images, which were popular in Latin America. More generally Retablo is also the Spanish term for a large altarpiece painting or an elaborate wooden structure with sculptures. I used familiar icons of our faith and adorned each little altar with religious articles and a variety of items that I brought home from my travels and pilgrimages all over the world. I want draw the viewers in and create for them a place of peace in our troubled world so that, ultimately, my pilgrimage in art would also become their pilgrimage of faith.
PHP 58,000.00

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