17 February 2017, Friday / 3pm

Curating Across Asia


The development of art institutions in Asia have followed a different path from those of their American and European counterparts. The panelists who began their careers in West discuss their current curatorial projects in Asia and the nuances of working in the region. The panel features Tobias Berger, Head of Art for Central Police Station Project in Hong Kong; Ute Meta Bauer, director for the Centre for Contemporary Art in Singapore; and Diana Campbell Betancourt, Artistic Director of Bellas Artes Projects Philippines and Samdani Art Foundation Dhaka.

The panel discussion will be followed by the launch of the anthology SouthEastAsia: Spaces of the Curatorial, published by Sternberg Press and focused on curatorial practices in the region. The book will be introduced by the co-editor of the book, Professor Ute Meta Bauer, Founding Director of NTU CCA Singapore, in the presence of publication’s contributors including Patrick D. Flores, Tony Godfrey, and Eileen Legaspi-Ramirez. More information on the publication HERE