17 February 2017, Friday / 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Domènec In Conversation With Fr. Jason Dy

Speaker: Domènec and Fr. Jason Dy

Domènec, a conceptual artist from Barcelona is committed to an avant-garde and multi-disciplinary practice that offers a penetrating and critical approach to the effects of architecture on community life. His exhibit titled Not Here, Not Anywhere tours Manila through the Museum of Contemporary Art Barcelona and the Ateneo Art Gallery. Featured installation and multi-media works give an overview of his artistic practice for the past three decades. As a critic and innovator, Domènec uses modernist architecture and city planning as starting points to tease out issues related to the politics of urban development and its social impact on its stakeholders. Domènec will share these artistic process and ideas through a conversation with visual artist and curator, Fr. Jason Dy.

Photo credit: Pere Tordera