Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions. For other concerns, please contact

How To Join

How do i join Art Fair Philippines as an exhibitor?
  • Generally, AFP works with galleries rather than individual artists. Exhibitors are invited by the AFP organizing committee. Unsolicited applications may be e-mailed to All applications will be reviewed by the AFP organizing committee.


How to buy tickets?
  • Tickets may be purchased in advance at
  • Tickets will also be available for sale at the reception desk during Art Fair Philippines. Please note that walk-in slots are limited.
How much are the ticket prices?
  • For walk-ins, please see the rates below:
  • PhP 350.00 Entrance Fee
  • PhP 150.00 Students with valid IDs
  • PhP 100.00 Makati Students with valid IDs
  • Available for walk ins.
  • Not available for online purchase as IDs have to be physically presented at Reception.
  • Regular rates apply at other times. Students may leave the fair at their own convenience.
How to purchase tickets online?
  • We strongly recommend that you book your tickets in advance at
  • Select your time slot, register an account and choose a payment option
  • Payments are accepted via DragonPay (for over the counter and online fund transfers) or PayPal

Note: We allow a maximum of 10 tickets per time slot for online transactions.

  • Timed entry for public fair days are as follows:
  • 10:00 - 1:30 pm
  • 2:00 - 5:00 pm
  • 5:30 - 9:00 pm
  • Entry time is regulated but you may leave the fair at your own convenience
  • Tickets can be purchased online up to 24 hours before the chosen date of entry.
Can senior citizens and PWDS avail of discounted entrance tickets?
  • Senior citizens with IDs can avail of tickets at a concessionary rate of P250.
Claiming of tickets
  • You will receive a system-generated email for payment instructions
  • Once payment is confirmed, you will receive an order confirmation with a unique QR code
  • Present a printed copy of the order confirmation or show it from your mobile phones
What happens if i miss my time slot?
  • It is essential that you arrive in time to enter the fair within the time period on your ticket. We recommend arriving at the fair at least 30 minutes prior to your visit. If you are late, we cannot guarantee your prompt entry and we will invite you to wait at the holding area.
Can i exchange my ticket/s for another date or time slot if i cannot make the original booking date due to unforseen circumstances?
  • Tickets are non-refundable and cannot be used on a different date.
Are Group or school bookings available?
How long will the exhibition be?
  • Art Fair Philippines 2018 will open from March 1 - March 4, 2018, 10AM to 9PM.
Are children allowed inside the art fair?
  • Children are most welcome to experience the world of art, but parents should be reminded that artwork cannot be touched. In addition, there may be exhibits with mature content that may not be suitable for minors. Parental discretion is always advised.
Are students allowed inside the art?
  • Students are most welcome at Art Fair Philippines. Please bring a valid school ID in order to avail of the concessionary rate of Php 150.00. Makati students with valid IDs can avail the concessionary rate of Php100.00.

Note: To avail the discounted rates, students are advised to visit the fair from 10 AM - 1:30 PM.

At what age do children need their own entrance ticket? Are young kids free to enter?
  • Children below 3 years can enter for free.
Is Art Fair Philippines accessible to PWDS?
  • Art Fair Philippines is accessible to PWDs via elevators to the 5th, 6th and 7th floors.
Is there a dress code in the art fair? What attire is allowed in the venue?
  • There is no official dress code but we do request visitors to dress as appropriate for a public event.
How to enter at the fair?
  • General admission may use the ramp and go straight to the holding area at 3rd floor of The Link. You are required to pass thru security.
How long can i spend in the fair?
  • Entry time is regulated but you may leave the fair at your own convenience. In case you would like to take a break and go back, we have a designated lane for re-entries.
Is photography allowed inside the venue?
  • While photography is permitted, please turn off your camera flash. And don't forget to be considerate of other viewers when you feel like taking that selfie!
Can we bring food and drink to the art fair? Are food and drink available in the venue?
  • Leave your food and drinks outside the fairgrounds. Food and refreshments are available inside the art fair.
What items are not allowed inside the art fair venue?
  • The following are strictly not allowed inside the venue. We will be requiring you to check these in at the bag depository area at the 3rd Floor of The Link.
  • Large, heavy, or bulky bags and backpacks that may cause damage to the artwork.
  • Weapons of any kind including small knives.
  • Pointed objects such as umbrellas and selfie sticks.
What are the rules and regulations at the art fair?
  • Please be reminded of the following:
  • CCTV cameras are in operation at all times for your safety.
  • Outside food and drink are not allowed inside the venue.
  • Photography within the art fair venue allowed for personal use only.
  • For photography for publication purposes, please contact:
Will there be restrooms?
  • Yes, there will be restrooms available on the G/F, 3/F, 4/F, and 7/F. Portable toilet facilities will be available at the 5/F and RoofDeck.
Is there a first aid/emergency facility at the venue?
  • As The Link is managed by Ayala Land, the usual security and emergency facilities in their mall properties will also be available at the venue.
Can i bring my pet to the fair?
  • Pets are not allowed at Art Fair Philippines.
Is smoking allowed in the art fair venue?
  • Smoking is not allowed. Makati City has a no smoking ordinance.
Where can i park my vehicle?
  • Parking facilities are available within walking distance at:
  • 6750 Building Parking
  • Glorietta 3 Basement Parking
  • Rustan's Steel Parking
Are there atms available in the venue?
  • There are ATMs available inside the commercial establishments around The Link (The Landmark, Greenbelt, Glorietta).
May we talk with the artists present in the galleries?
  • You can definitely approach the artists or gallery staff to find out more about the artists and the works on display.
How can i optimize my art fair visit, participate in the activities and see everything i want to see?
  • Plan ahead by viewing the website for all the information on schedules, exhibitors, talks, tours, events and related Art Fair Philippines activities. Maps and the fair catalogue will be available at the reception area and on each floor. Use these to plan your personal tour of the fair.
  • Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more updates.
Are there activities beyond the art fair?