motels a sept-Iles 1×2 silver

Petra Cortright
Exhibition Partner
2021 | MPEG-4 Video | 1920 x 1080 pixels | 4 minutes 10 seconds

motels a sept-iles 1×2 silver originated from a project with Rhizome at the New Museum Seven on Seven 10th edition with Petra Cortright and programmer Carl Tashian. Carl wrote a Photoshop script which gently cycles through layers of the artist’s painting file. Cortright paints in Photoshop, and almost every brush stroke is on its own layer. The script subtly animates the framework of the brushstrokes and architecture of the painting, revealing different versions. The videos in this series are created by opening a painting file, running the script, and screen-recording. This is an ongoing thread of her work which explores the fluid relationship between painting and video.

Music by Jacob Gryn


Petra Cortright (b. 1986, Santa Barbara, CA) is a contemporary artist whose multifaceted artistic practice stems from creating and manipulating digital files.

Cortright’s digitally-conceived artworks physically exist in many forms – printed onto archival surfaces, projected onto existing architecture, or mechanically carved from stone. A notable member of what became known as the ‘Post Internet’ art movement of the mid-to-late-2000s with her YouTube videos and online exhibitions, Cortright later began to laboriously craft digital paintings by creating layer upon layer of manipulated images in Photoshop which she then rendered onto materials such as aluminum, linen, paper, and acrylic sheets. Cortright’s role as an artist is a blend of painter, graphic designer, editor, and producer; culminating in a singular artistic reflection of contemporary visual culture.

MAY 8 - 9
Art Film Weekend

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