17 February 2017, Friday / 7pm

Lost Frames in Art Fair Philippines 2017


Screenings Thursday, Feb 16, 7 pm
Friday, Feb 17, 7 pm
Artists Talk, Saturday Feb 18, 5 pm

Lost Frames in Art Fair Philippines 2017 presents ‘Timeshift: Three Perspectives,’ a screening and talk that explore the diverse practices involved in the moving image media through the works of three artists, namely, Roxlee, Kaloy Olavides, and Pauline/Ivan Despi. These artists represent the varied approaches in using moving images—whether film, video, or related digital formats—for producing artworks. Their particular techniques serve as significant markers in the ever-developing field of experimental film and video art in the Philippines.

Roxlee, a veteran animator considered by many as a pioneer in his field, will share past and present works that have become testaments to his unique and uncompromising view of expression that has led him to become considered as one of the most overlooked masters of independent filmmaking.

Kaloy Olavides, in continually producing unconventional performance pieces with the aide of video, represents the time when explorations done with the medium had exceeded the limits of storytelling within the frame.

Ivan and Pauline Despi, meanwhile, speculates on the almost limitless possibilities in combining both animation, sound, and video in the digital era with compelling works that transform the nature of viewing moving images.