17 February 2017, Friday / 1pm

Publishing Art Books

Speaker: Ringo Bunoan, Eva McGovern

Much material about art can be accessed online and in magazines, but books focused on a particular artist, movement or art scene provide depth and insight that single articles cannot. The thought and consideration given to every photograph, every perspective and the amount of time and energy the authors, editors and publishers expend on  art books allow readers to immerse themselves in a subject. The talk features a conversation between Ringo Bunoan (visual artist, curator, co-founder artbooks.ph, editor, Roberto Chabet) and Eva McGovern (curator, and managing editor of No Chaos No Party: 28 Artists in Metro Manila)

Gaspar A. Vibal, President of the Vibal Foundation is a dedicated art publisher that created a series of books on the life and art of some of the most important Filipino Artists including Damian Domingo, Botong Francisco, Francisco Coching, David Medalla and Lee Aguinaldo.