Day 2 / 2:30 PM


Raymond Red is a pioneer of modern Filipino independent and alternative cinema. Emerging from the tumult of the 1970s and from a generation coming of age during Martial Law in the Philippines, Red began making numerous experimental and narrative super-8mm and 16mm short films in the 1980s. In 1992, he produced and directed his first feature film, Bayani. An alternative take on Andres Bonifacio and the Katipunan, it was significant also for being commercially released in movie theaters, making it a precursor to the indie movement that would make deeper inroads into the mainstream a decade later. Red has directed five full length feature films, including another historical epic, Sakay (1993), and his latest, Mga Rebeldeng Kaso (2015). In 2000, his short film Anino was awarded the Palm D’Or, making it the first Filipino film to win at the Cannes Film Festival.

One of the most original filmmakers in Philippine cinema, his best known work can be described as patriotic parables shot with a surrealist’s eye and an iconoclast’s mischief. A selection of his short films will be screened as a special showcase for The Unconfined Cinema at Art Fair Philippines.