Day 3 / 2:00 PM

ROXLEE (Roxlee Shorts)

Roxlee is a Filipino animator, writer, cartoonist, painter, musician, and filmmaker. The co-creator of iconic Filipino comic character Cesar Asar, he is a pioneer of independent film animation in the Philippines. His early works shot on super-8 film are now considered classics of the underground film movement of the 1980s. These include hand-drawn animated shorts like “The Great Smoke” (1984) and the live action cartoons such as “Lizard, or How to Perform in Front of a Reptile” and “Juan Gapang” (both 1987). He is also the author of “The 12 Commandments For Independent Filmmakers”. Since 2018, he has also been conducting animation workshops for children.

As part of The Unconfined Cinema at Art Fair Philippines, a selection of Roxlee’s films will be screened. Some of the works from his animation workshop for children will also have their premieres at the booth.