Curatorial Statement

As one walks through the exhibits for ArtFairPH/Projects, one discovers how one body of work connects to another. Ideas of one work flow into the next, through the smallest detail up to its vast themes and narratives. The space is conceptualized by production designer and theater director Ed Lacson. Mostly concentrated on the 7th floor, the contiguous spaces perform an essential role in facilitating connections.

Within its meandering paths is a network of rivers that hold in its ebb and flow discussions on the relationship of god and humans; of humans to each other, of humans and nature; and how nature is inseparable to culture. The topics flow into music, emotion, abstraction, and to gender identities and perceptions.

Art can demonstrate that everything is kindred. In this diverse sampling of the world’s art scene, one is presented with an exercise in finding links that bind us to one another.

ArtFairPH/Projects presents works by renowned Filipino artists including Jonathan Ching, Jigger Cruz, Gean Brix Garcia, Rod Paras-Perez; a selection of women abstractionists, and a group of painters mentored by Alfredo Esquillo Jr. and Renato Habulan. The Projects section also features Brooklyn-based multi-disciplinary artist Mr. StarCity; Romanian conceptual artist Andreea Medar; a special performance piece by Spanish artist Eugenio Ampudia, presented in partnership with the Embassy of Spain in Manila; and Pacific Islander artist Taloi Havini, who has recently won the Artes Mundi 10 prize, the UK’s leading biennial exhibition and international contemporary art prize.

Words by Carla Gamalinda

Ed Lacson Jr.

Ed is a theater director, designer, and stage manager. He currently spends most of his time floating around the world in a metal tin can.

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